Telugu Brahmana Welfare Association

Reg No:- 816/2017


1. To ensure no harm is done to our Brahmins/our Brahmin community from other communities. Of course we Brahmins normally do not even think to do harm to others.

2. To unite all Brahmins for rights of Hindus with support of other Hindus and to fight to protect our Hindu religion who ever opposes, criticizes about Hindus or Hindu religion that may not pertains to Brahmins only but for all other Hindus in such circumstances we will unite with all Hindus and fight for the rights of Hindus/Hindu Religion.

3. To do justice to our Brahmin/Brahmin community by fighting in a peaceful manner. Whoever criticizes the Brahmin/Brahmin community. We will unite and fight in a peaceful manner to find the solution and to do justice to our Brahmin/Brahmin community with the support of likeminded parties/Govt./political parties who support our just cause.

4. To ensure the Welfare Schemes announced by our State Governments to reach our Brahmin/ Brahmin community so that our community to take advantage of such welfare measures announced by the State Governments from time to time. We will also bring pressure on our central Govt. to establish Brahmin welfare corporation at Central Govt. level as is being done by the other State Governments.

5. To solve the problems or the injustice etc. that are being faced by our Telugu Brahmins who are residing in other countries, with the help of our Foreign Affairs Ministry at Central Govt.

6. To collect funds to utilize the same to poor and needy Brahmins and encourage the Veda Pundits and Intellectuals etc. To give scholarships to the needy students who deserves encouragement for progress in their careers.

7. To ensure the right to vote to our community and also to ensure the utilization of such voting rights in a proper manner.

8. To set up counseling centers to solve the marriage disputes and also to ensure justice the persons who are suffering in old age for any injustice caused to them.

9. To appoint some individuals/committees to solve the issues/disputes that may arise from time to time.

10.To remove such member/s from our Telugu Brahmin Welfare Association in case of indiscipline by the member/s.